Located in the picturesque hills of Northwestern Arkansas lies a pair of man made lakes. During the winter of 2000 Roger & Karen Boskus began construction of what is today the Cedar Creek Water Ski Park. The lakes are designed specifically for three event water skiing. The East lake is 12’ deep for ultimate trick ski wakes, it is 300’ wide which make for a great jump set up and this lake contains a record capability slalom course. The West Lake is set up as the ultimate slalom lake. It contains a record capability slalom course & has a depth of approximately 6 feet which minimizes boat wake size yet is deep enough for great slalom turns.

Almost every night May thru September you will find us at the dock enjoying our daily workout on the water participating in this fantastic sport. A day at the lake is a great day the whole family can enjoy!


Malibu TXi is the official boat of the Cedar Creek Water Ski Park.


Other site amenities are: a hot tub, outdoor shower areas, fire pit, water volleyball, barbecue area, & fresh water at the docks. 


SLALOM, TRICK & JUMP - Three event water skiing


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